Do You Have
A Great Voice?



Join our voice-over talent pool, and get paid for each recording!
If you have what it takes to star in radio commercials, then let us know! All you have to do is email a demo recording of yourself reading one of the sample scripts below, or any other random script (in English or Malay), along with the following information, to &, and we'll be in touch!

1. Full Name
2. Nationality
3. I.C. / Passport No.
4. Contact No.
5. Languages / accents you can act out or speak

Sample ScriptS

"Did you know that advertising on radio on KRISTALfm is very effective, and surprisingly very affordable? It also reaches out to more people, as radio is by far more accessible here in Brunei.

You can advertise on KRISTALfm from as low as $13 per spot, but did you ALSO know that new clients can advertise for free?

Email us to sign up for a free trial and give your product the exposure it needs.

KRISTALfm.. Be Heard!"

"Tahukah awda bahawa mengiklankan produk biskita di KRISTALfm lebih berkesan, dengan harga yang berpatutan? Iklan awda juga akan sampai kepada lebih ramai orang kerana radio sangat mudah di akses di Brunei.

Awda boleh mengiklankan produk awda di KRISTALfm dengan harga serendah $13, dan tahukah awda bahawa pelanggan-pelanggan baru boleh membuat pengiklanan secara percuma?

Email kami untuk percubaan percuma dan berikan produk awda pendedahan yang diperlukan.

KRISTALfm.. Be Heard?"