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Half Mentalist. Half Magician.  All Around Awesome. When Nadzri Harif isn’t out and about reading minds and melting brains with his magic, he’s on the radio filling your ears with awesome tunes! Quirky and random by nature, you never know what to expect listening to his sets. A KRISTALfm DJ since 2011, music is everything to him. To Nadzri, music isn’t just a form of art, it’s a lifestyle. Ever since he first heard the sounds of rappers like Jay-Z and Tupac in the late 90’s, he’s been a Hip-Hop Head ever since. Even though he appreciates all styles of music, there is always a special place in his heart (right next to his sneaker collection) for all things Hip-Hop; lyricism, breakdancing, graffiti and the art of turntablism.