Stand Out,
& Be Heard.


Reach up to 80,000 listeners daily.


 “As an event & marketing company, KFM is our first choice to advertise, as we want to reach as many Bruneians as we can.”

Syed Yassin Syed Anyatullah
Battle Pro MMS


“Thanks to KFM, our sales have tripled! It absolutely works! We literally had a large number of orders less than an hour after advertising!”

Rohana Salleh
General Manager, Pure Nectar


 “Being on radio has helped bridge the gap and brought me closer to the community. Advertising on KFM has been exceptional."

Wong Hui Ting
Cuckoo Brunei



Stand out and be heard, on Brunei’s most listened to radio station.
Did you know that advertising on KRISTALfm is more effective, and surprisingly more affordable? It also reaches out to more people, as radio is by far more accessible here in Brunei.

Give your products and services the exposure they need by advertising on officially Brunei’s most listened to radio station among those aged between 18-55 years* - We reach an average of up to 80,000 listeners every single day, so why spend thousands on a single advertisement, when you can get your message across to more, for less, on our station?

* According to the latest official independent radio listener survey.


Your first ads are on the house, no strings attached.
We guarantee that you’ll see a significant increase in the awareness of your products & services after promoting them on KRISTALfm!

If you’re still not convinced, then we’re letting you try out our services for free! If you’ve never advertised on our station before*, you can choose either 6 complimentary spots, or a live interview, with no strings attached!

But that’s not all, once you’ve completed your free trial, we’re giving you 10% off your first bill, as long as you advertise within two months!

* Or haven’t advertised on KRISTALfm in the past two years

Contact a sales rep

To take on a free trial, or to start advertising on KRISTALfm, please kindly choose one of the following official KRISTALfm Sales Representatives: