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Born in the era of Walkman, cassette tapes and the word 'rehab' was not in Lindsay Lohan's vocabulary. Grew up striving to be a human rights lawyer, but was led astray by the likes of Phoenix, Muse and The Killers. Probably not the nicest person in the world without a cup of morning coffee but I believe that music has always been a great substitute for caffeine. Sometimes.

Also have great passion for travel and literature - with eternal gratitude to Enid Blyton and Sesame Street for teaching me English. I have a strange allegiance to Britney Spears, so please leave her alone. But Nicki Minaj should be boxed up in a dusty storage.

"You won't go anywhere by staying right where you are" is what brought me here. Well, that and bribery in the form of delicious hati buyah. Never thought in my lifetime that my voice could reverberate from stereos, but i feel right where I belong whenever i'm in the studio.